The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Exploring, Creating, Building

on January 9, 2018

It is through exploration and creating that children have a chance to gather information about their world around them. During Choices, students showed this many different ways.

With the lights turned low, some students explored light and colour. They built structures made of coloured glass and wood. Using a flashlight, they projected the colours onto their hands, clothing and ceiling. They layered colours to see what it would create.



While other students created an arctic world out of sand, rocks and wooden pieces. They built a home for polar bears and penguins.






And others explored and built with different materials such as chairs, clips, sheets and jackets. They created a tunnel fort that curves like a rollercoaster.









And others are built homes, creating elaborate stories including moms, babies, sisters and aunties. They repurposed the dish clothes into diapers; the bench into a change table; and chair into a crib.

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