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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Pancakes & Pyjamas

Pancakes and Pyjamas – It was the best day ever! It’s nice to do something special on the last day of school before the new year. Eating and enjoying a meal together is important. There was lots of food to go around so everyone relaxed and visited with the friends at their table. While eating, one boy exclaimed, “Hey Mrs. Thomas, we are eating breakfast with other people’s families.” Another, “This is so much fun. I love pancakes.” I agree, it was so much fun.

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Movie & Movement


First the movie then the movement. Students in several classes enjoyed movies in their jammies today. This morning, our class joined Mrs. Chomyn and Ms. Foster in the library to watch Cars. Afterwards, many classes met in the gym to move our bodies for Christmas Aerobics. Who knew exercising to Christmas carols could be so much fun!

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Santa’s Reply

Earlier this month, we wrote a letter to Santa wishing him well. We received his reply today. Santa had a lot to say – it was a giant letter! Santa told us about his garden that he planted at the North Pole. Did you know that they grow flowers, fruits and vegetables all year long at the North Pole? Santa even sent us magical sunflower seeds that we can plant in the Spring. It was no surprise to see everyone on the ‘Nice List’. Each person is our class tries to be the best that they can be.

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‘Tis The Season


It was a Christmas Karaoke with our big buddies. After enjoying a few Christmas stories, we all gathered ’round to sing carols. What a nice way to end our Monday!

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All Aboard


With the Polar Express Concert wrapping up this week, students are thinking about the story. They recreated their own version during their ‘Choices’ time.

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Circle Story


After learning about a circle story, this student created her own story (notice the arrows). Her story: There was once a girl and she was late because it was Christmas Eve. She went to bed. The she woke up and she saw some presents. She opened them and she liked them.Once again she was late and went to bed…

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