The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Art & Literature

This week we are reading books by Todd Parr. His books encourage people to feel good about themself and celebrate who they are. Todd’s illustrations incorporate fun colours and shapes. Another artist named James Rizzi also creates his art with bold shapes and colours. Students painted their own face in the style of James Rizzi. They used the primary colours: red, blue and yellow to achieve this effect. 

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Friendship Salad

Carson's Salad

Carson’s Salad

Alyssa, Sullivan, Marlee, Declan, Ashley & Kolbe Enjoying The Fruit

Alyssa, Sullivan, Marlee, Declan, Ashley & Kolbe








To wrap up learning about colours, students brought in different colours of fruits to make their own salad. They moved from table to table selecting the fruit, making comments such as ‘I like this pineapple’ or ‘look at these nice grapes’. This was a healthy treat that everyone enjoyed eating.

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Crayon Box

Kolbe's Last Page

Kolbe’s Last Page


Students were excited about learning colours. Being the illustrator for their Colour Book added purpose to each day. After finishing the last page, students read their book to many people around the school. They travelled in small groups finding their friends, big buddies and Mrs. Cheema. It is rewarding to see students choosing to read their book during play.

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Little White Owl

colour white owl bookBlack & White Day! We learned that not everything is black and white while reading The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy. The white owl has many colours in his heart. He shares his rainbow of colours through his stories. He wins over the brightly coloured owls but being kind. It takes him a few tries to make friends but he succeeds.

Black Page (L) Ashley (R) Austin

Black Page (L) Ashley (R) Austin

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Playing School

Playing School

School In Session

Purple Page (L) Carson (R) Kylie

Purple Page (L) Carson (R) Kylie

Purple Day! We read Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher. Afterwards, some children played school. They created a classroom with students, teachers and principals. Just like at Alex Aitken – they started the day with morning announcements. It was remarkable to observe the teamwork and talking that took place.

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The Cat’s Pyjamas

Orange Day! In the book The Cat’s Pyjamas by Catherine Foreman, an orange cat wears a different pair of pyjamas each night. When he wears space pyjamas, he dreams of planets, rocket ships and shooting stars. Before reading, students talked about their own pyjamas by describing the colour, designs and feel. While reading, students noticed Cat had a stuffie.  After reading, students participated in a ‘pair-share’ about their stuffies. In the pair-share, students took turns being the speaker and the listener. Random pairs were selected to share with the class. colour orange2

Orange Page (L) Marlee (R) Kori

Orange Page (L) Marlee (R) Kori

colour orange1

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