The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Beach Day

It certainly felt like summer on our beach day. The sun was shining bright while students enjoyed exploring at the beach. Some found crabs, clams, oysters, barnacles, starfish, jellyfish, moon snails, limpets, driftwood and seaweed.

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Mill Bay And Brentwood Field Trip



























































Today we were out in our community. The first stop on our exploration of Mill Bay Centre was the library. Here we enjoyed a few stories before browsing the shelves for an interesting book to read with a friend. The second stop was to refuel by eating our lunch and stretching our legs at the park. The third stop was a behind-the-scene tour of Thrifty Foods. Here we watched as bread was cut, meat was packed and icing roses were created. The final stop was at Brentwood College. Here we meet our Grade 10 Literature Buddies to exchange books after playing on the field. It was a fabulous day spending time enjoying the places in our community.

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Outdoor Fun

Did you know what Grade 10’s also like to play on the playground? Our Brentwood Literature Buddies enjoyed the outdoors by climbing, swinging, hanging on the monkey bars and picking flowers. It was a beautiful way to spend out last time at Bonner together.

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Love For Lucy


Each student created a heart using oil pastels. The hearts will be part of a large collection of hearts to celebrate Lucy Belanger. Ms. Belanger was a teacher at Bonner Elementary, among other schools. The art piece will be displayed in our school.

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Literature Buddies

This semester at Brentwood College School, there is a ‘Children’s Literature’ course being offered by Karen Hedquist. The course is designed for Grade 10 students to create, write and print a children’s story. The Grade 10 students will be learning about characterization, dialogue and illustrating. As part of their research, they are spending time with our class learning about young readers. What do children like to do? Like to read? Find funny? Inspire them? It was a wonderful experience to see the interaction between the buddies as they started to work together today for the first time. 

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Thank you to Ms. Swift for keeping our garden growing. So far, students have planted peas, spinach, radish, kale, swiss chard and sunflowers.

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