The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Wild Explorers

What a beautiful day for an adventure! We left after lunch and returned at the end of the day. In between, we walked to the old Mill Bay Elementary to enjoy a story written by Cale Atkinson titled Explorers of the Wild. Once we entered the forest, students explored and found all sorts of wonderful artifacts. They located different varieties of leaves, sticks, pinecones, bark and deer bones. 

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Winter Magic

Things looked a bit different today…it was Winter Magic. The spirit of love and generosity shared amongst others. Students could make it snow at the sand table using funnels and sifters; they could decorate a tree with counters while exploring magnets; they could write a wish list with pictures and words; they could build wintry trees and the polar express train with kinnex; they could compare a live pine tree with an artificial one; they could help the family in the doll house get ready for the holidays; or they could work like the elves using wood, screws and screwdrivers. The possibilities are endless, as is their imagination.

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Divide And Conquer

This week, we are responsible for keeping our school grounds clean. It was best to divide our forces to cover as much ground as possible. Really, it did not matter what we were doing outside because the sunshine felt wonderful. One student remarked, “Mrs. Thomas, the sun on my skin feels so nice.”

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is coming up. What does peace mean? What does it look like at school? At home? Students have been learning about Canadians as peacekeepers. To honour those who have kept Canada safe, students created art that will be displayed at our assembly.  They used print-making techniques and tools to create the background, while the poppies were created using coffee filters, felt pens and water. Students made choices about where to print the different textures, as well as the number of poppies to include. These choices make each project unique.

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This week students participated in karate class with Sensei Jordan from Canada’s Best Karate. They learned that karate is about having fun, as well as keeping their body safe and strong. Students had to agree to use karate only with him. They could not use karate on other people, animals or objects. As a sign of respect, students sat with their feet tucked in while learning a few different karate movements.

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Happy Halloween


Students were excited to dress up for our Halloween parade. There were some great costumes. For the most part, students were able to manage their own costume. It is empowering for children to do things for them self, to experience success and failure is important. Through these experiences, they build confidence and resiliency. Happy Halloween everyone!

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