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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Ice Skating

Ice skating was a success! Some students were seasoned skaters while others were skating for their first time. It didn’t matter if you had little experience or lots of experience on the ice, as everyone at the rink had a positive attitude and will to try skating. Thanks to our parents for helping us out. Everyone working together gave the students a sense of community and belonging. This made for a successful trip.

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Happy Hanukkah

Dor from Mrs. Chomyn’s class and his sister Abigail from Ms. Fosters’ class shared with us their winter holiday traditions. Being Jewish, they have different holidays. Instead of Christmas, they celebrate Hanukkah. One of the symbols for Hanukkah is the menorah. For each day of Hanukkah, a special candle is lit on the menorah. Dor brought in their menorah and his Dad lit the candles. During Hanukkah, people gather with family and friends, play games and eat holiday food. One game they play is Dreidel. Although we did not play the game, students experienced spinning the top. Students also experienced a homemade holiday treat – donuts!



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Basketball Tournament

Today, there was a basketball tournament happening in our two gyms. We are lucky at Bonner to have the facilities that we do because it allows our school to host many different types of events. We watched the second quarter of Bonner versus Ecole Mt.Provost. Before entering the gym, we talked about how our role at a sporting event is different from our role in a classroom. It is wonderful to cheer – and to cheer loud! We talked about sportsmanship, playing and competing. Students were enthralled with the action on the court. After the final buzzer, it was great to see the two teams shaking hands to celebrate a hard-fought battle on the court. In a few years, some students from our class may want to be on the Bonner Basketball Team, and we will be there to cheer them on.

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Community Clean Up

It was our first time cleaning up our school community. Students enjoyed being outside and collecting garbage from fields and sidewalks.

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Map of Indigenous Peoples of Canada







November will be an exciting month in the library. It is housing the Canadian Geographic Society’s Giant Map of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Students explored the map noticing features of a map such as land masses, water features, latitude and longitude lines, a compass, names and words. Students were surprised that it was a map of Canada. It was so large that they expected it to be of the world. We found where we live, then we took a short trip to our west coast. There we read parts of a story titled Peace Dancer by Henry Roy Vickers. We enjoyed Vickers’ story while sitting in his community.

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What brave students! Gr. 6/7 students are drawing moustaches on student’s faces every Thursday for a .25 cent donation. Students can choose their style and colour of ‘stache. This year the Bonner Bears staff are raising awareness for men’s health issues. To visit our team or make a donation online, search “Bears with Mustaches” at Mr. Mel Burgess is the team captain. Movember started in Australia with a group of men growing moustaches (or “Mo’s”) to raise money for prostate cancer. It is now an international movement.


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