The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Exploration Bins

Students had an opportunity to explore one of the bins. In each bin, there are loose pieces and parts. The items can be combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Next week, they will try a new bin.

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Wild Explorers

What a beautiful day for an adventure! We left after lunch and returned at the end of the day. In between, we walked to the old Mill Bay Elementary to enjoy a story written by Cale Atkinson titled Explorers of the Wild. Once we entered the forest, students explored and found all sorts of wonderful artifacts. They located different varieties of leaves, sticks, pinecones, bark and deer bones. 

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Pine Trees


Can you build a pine tree using natural materials? A variety of objects are placed on a wood tray. Students are invited to build their own pine tree. It will be interesting to see the results.

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Divide And Conquer

This week, we are responsible for keeping our school grounds clean. It was best to divide our forces to cover as much ground as possible. Really, it did not matter what we were doing outside because the sunshine felt wonderful. One student remarked, “Mrs. Thomas, the sun on my skin feels so nice.”

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Class Pet

Ms. Swift’s class, our big buddy class, just got two new pet bunnies. They are very cute and adapting to school life well. We visited them for the first time. Our class learned how to be quiet and gentle around these timid animals. The white bunny is named Snowy, while the brown is Browny. Both rabbits were comfortable sniffing the students hands and letting them feel their soft fur. For some students, this was their first time seeing and petting a bunny. I wonder if they know the Easter Bunny…

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Scaredy Squirrel

Author and illustrator, Melanie Watt produces the Scaredy Squirrel and Chester Books. Her characters are charming. They invite us into the story and make us laugh. Last week, we read non-fiction books about squirrels. This week, fiction books. Scaredy Squirrel doesn’t leave his home. It’s too dangerous. He might encounter germs, sharks, tarantulas, green martians or even killer bees. When he finally finds himself out of his home, he uses his emergency kit. Only he realizes that the world is a pretty good place.

After the story, students responded by sharing their idea of what scares them. They documented their thoughts by drawing and writing about their fear.

Earlier in the day, students listened and followed step-by-step directions on how to draw Scaredy Squirrel.  Once Scaredy Squirrel was complete, they could personalize their picture by adding details to make it unique. They came up with ideas such as trees, germs, green aliens, killer bees and tarantulas. Each drawing is unique.

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