The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Applied Design

Students used carving tools to bring their pumpkin design to life. Their design did not always go according to plan, so students had to be creative and flexible with their thinking. There were many opportunities for problem solving. We found toothpicks can solve many carving mishaps, but can also add a design element. The rich dialogue between students was fantastic to hear. 

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Tasty Treats

The pumpkin seeds that students collected yesterday were roasted and enjoyed. Most students tried the pumpkin seeds and were delighted to find that they enjoyed them. Our class was sure to share the roasted seeds with our big buddies.

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Preparing Their Pumpkin

With the help of their big buddy, students cleared out the inside of their pumpkin. They are preparing their pumpkin for carving tomorrow. Students learned the names of the parts of the pumpkin such as stem, shell, pulp and seeds. After scooping out the pulp and seeds, students collected the seeds for roasting.

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Patterning For Fun


Students have started learning about patterns. What is a pattern? How do you make a pattern? For fun, some students have been creating patterns during their ‘Choice’ time. Students are also recognizing and identifying pattens that they see in the world around us.

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Wild Safe BC

Conservation Officer Todd spoke to our primary classes about being safe around wild life. Students learned about not feeding wild animals by keeping garbage and compost locked tight, keeping the barbecue clean, keeping livestock safe and by keeping our pets safe overnight. He also talked about bears in BC. If a child sees a bear, they should stand still, don’t run and talk in a calm voice to not scare the bear. The bear will move away once it is ready. We practiced doing this with Todd and a real bear head! It was amazing to see the bear head up close. We learned many interesting facts about bears. They like to eat ants and flowers. They can run faster than a horse in a short distance. They have a good sense of smell. It was great to listen about these animals that we rarely see but live on our island. If you would like more information about Wild Safe BC, please check out their website:

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Thinking And Designing

After thinking about it, students designed a face to carve on their pumpkin. They choose to draw from a variety of shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. In the next few days, students will be carving out their design.

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