The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Bailey Bear & Bridges


Last night,  Bailey Bear learned how to make a bridge with his body. He spent the evening at Maggie’s house practicing his gymnastic moves. Naturally, we had to try it ourselves! Maggie gave us directions, as we all tried to make a bridge with our body.

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After reading, The Journey Home from Grandpa’s House written by Jemima Lumley, students drew a map. The criteria included a place to leave from, a place to go to, a line connecting the two places and at least one place they passed on the way. Students chose their places. The places could be near or far. The art work and colouring was not part of the criteria, so it could be coloured or drawn it pencil. Students made that decision. Their thought process was important. They engaged others explaining their map. Students included details reflecting on travelling to their destination. If their map could not be understood by others, then alterations needed to be done.

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Metis Culture



Mrs. Corrine Chow, our Cultural Teaching Assistant, talked about Metis people and shared various Metis artifacts. She was excited to share her cultural history with the class. Afterwards, students worked on a Metis Numbers Booklet.

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Bear And Raven

Huy ch q’u Harvey. Thank you Harvey. Harvey, our Cultural Teaching Assistant, shared with us a story that his grandfather and grandmother had told him when he was a boy. It was the story of spe’uth (bear) and spaal’ (raven). Bear lived on beautiful Vancouver Island with its sparkling rivers and vast mountains. He wished for sockeye salmon but was not ready to cross the river. One night, a friend dropped off salmon to Bear. In a nearby tree, Raven watches as Bear prepares his salmon on the open fire. Since Raven did not have paws, he decided to use his feet. Eventually, Raven blackens and burns his feet. If you play with fire, you’re going get burned. This story was about friendship and jealousy. Our families have stories that they share with each other to teach lessons and preserve our ideals. It was a treat to hear Harvey tell us a story from his family.

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All Kinds of Families

With help from our big buddies, students found families of items in nature. Students collected rock families, stick families, leaf families, pine cone families and bark families from around our school yard. They found all kinds of families!

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All Kinds Of Families

img_7937Petty Officer 2nd Class Crocker came into our class toady to talk about family. He was asked many tough questions from our class, such as “How do you connect to your family, like magnets?” and “How do other families connect?” PO2 Crocker elegantly answered each and every question. He described a family as being a group of people who live or work together that love each other and have common goals. Family can be as big as our country or as small as your family at home. Each family has a different way of connecting with one another. Some families like to hike, while others may watch movies. What’s important is that you’re doing something together, spending time together. Many thanks to Mylee’s dad for taking the time to spend the afternoon with us. It was a wonderful conversation about all kinds of families that surround us in our own community.

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