The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Beach Day

It certainly felt like summer on our beach day. The sun was shining bright while students enjoyed exploring at the beach. Some found crabs, clams, oysters, barnacles, starfish, jellyfish, moon snails, limpets, driftwood and seaweed.

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Santa’s Gift

Remember in December, Santa sent us a class reply with some magical sunflower seeds…

Well, the time has come to plant our sunflower seeds. Each student planted two seeds into soil. We’ve been watering them and watching them. The seeds have sprouted and are growing. The plants will go home with students this week.

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Field Lacrosse

Naomi Walser is back to teach our students field lacrosse. It is astounding how much students have remembered from January. Students are more confident handling the ball and manoeuvring their stick. Naomi spent four classes with us at the start of the year and another four classes now.

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Thank you to Ms. Swift for keeping our garden growing. So far, students have planted peas, spinach, radish, kale, swiss chard and sunflowers.

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Poultry in Motion

The ‘Poultry in Motion’ truck visited our school. It was filled with chicks, hens and roosters. Students could observe how they feed and eat; preen and clean; and walk, sleep or sit. Bev from Witta Farms in Nanoose Bay was very knowledgable. Did you know that chickens don’t swallow? Or sweat? They tip their head back and let water roll down to their gizzard with gravity. Their food is swallowed the same way, after lots of saliva is added. To keep the chickens cool in the summer, the air is misted for just the right temperature. It was interesting to hear about and see these animals.

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Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope For Heart was a huge success! Students appreciated the activities that got their heart rate going, and appreciated the ones that gave them a chance to rest. Certainly, fun was had by all. 

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