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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Lacrosse Legend

Naomi Walser has been introducing lacrosse to our class. She is a lacrosse legend. Naomi is well-known within our school, as students remember her from previous years. You can feel the love and passion that Naomi has for this sport.

Naomi’s list of accomplishments are astounding. Her talents were described in the CRD Fall 2017 Recreation Guide as: “Naomi Walser – Anishinabekwe from Beausoleil First Nation G’Chimnissing, Georgian Bay in Ontario. Naomi grew up playing box lacrosse for the Midland Minor Lacrosse Association. As a teen, she began playing girls field lacrosse along with the box lacrosse season for Team Ontario, and represented Canada in the 1994 Commonwealth Games (Demonstration Sport). She also went on to play in four Field Lacrosse World Cup competitions – two for Team Canada and two for Haudenosaunee Womens’s National Team. Naomi has coached all disciplines of lacrosse: box, men’s field, women’s field and inter-crosse; and continues to share with anyone willing to learn. Naomi was the 2015 recipient of the Bobby Steen Legacy Foundation Award for her contribution to Women and Sport. She now lives in the Cowichan Valley and throughly enjoys her days as a cultural presenter sharing lacrosse in schools around the province.”

We are extremely fortunate to have this incredible athlete, coach and ambassador of lacrosse teach our children the sport. They have learned 4 key skills in lacrosse: scooping, cradling, passing and catching the ball. Each session students are practicing and fine tuning their abilities as they become more comfortable with the sport. What an amazing opportunity!



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Divide And Conquer

This week, we are responsible for keeping our school grounds clean. It was best to divide our forces to cover as much ground as possible. Really, it did not matter what we were doing outside because the sunshine felt wonderful. One student remarked, “Mrs. Thomas, the sun on my skin feels so nice.”

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Movember Move

This month, the whole school run was called the ‘Movember Move’. Students and staff could participate in the run with a moustache! We teamed up with Ms. Newburg’s class across the hall to create a moustache for the event.

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This week students participated in karate class with Sensei Jordan from Canada’s Best Karate. They learned that karate is about having fun, as well as keeping their body safe and strong. Students had to agree to use karate only with him. They could not use karate on other people, animals or objects. As a sign of respect, students sat with their feet tucked in while learning a few different karate movements.

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Island Snow

Snow on the island is exciting. When it’s here, you have to enjoy it because the snow doesn’t stay for very long. Outside, students breathed in the cool, crisp air as they played in the snow.

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The Way I Feel

Mrs. Marchi, our school counsellor, visited our class with one of her favourite books: The Way I Feel by Janan Cain. She introduced a variety of feelings that we all sometimes feel. Students tried out the different feelings by making different faces to match the emotion – silly faces for silly, excited faces for excited and proud faces for proud.

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