The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Mindful Actions

This was our last session of Mind Up with Mrs Nadon. Students planned ways to work together to accomplish acts of kindness. Some ideas built on what happens at school already, such as recycling, composting and school grounds clean up. But as Grade 1’s, students thought they could welcome the new Kindergarten students when they saw them on the playground. What great ideas! This has been a wonderful experience for myself and my class, thank you Mrs. Nadon.

Mrs. Nadon & Class

Feeling The Positive Effects Of Mind Up

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Sports Day

Abigail, Lilly & Lisa Sack Racing

Abigail, Lilly & Lisa Sack Racing

After running races, students were divided into teams where they participated in nine different events. When asked about their favourite part, one student exclaimed ‘All of it!’ Great morning!

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Group Power

Walker Shining His Light

Walker Shining His Light

Maren With Her Kindness Light

Maren With Her Kindness Light

Together Is Better

Together Is Better

When one person holds a flashlight in the dark, one spot is illuminated. When many people hold flashlights in the dark, an area is lit up. Imagine that one beam of light is an act of kindness. The more beams, the brighter the light. When acting kindly together, it can make a difference. Next week, Mrs. Nadon will talk about putting this into practice. What do we already do as a group to be that bright light?

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Climate Change

Breanne & Hailee

Breanne & Hailee Holding the Earth’s Water

The Municipality of North Cowichan presented a talk about climate change. Students learned that people are connected to both each other and the environment. Because we share the earth, we also share its climate. The climate of the earth is changing. It is warming our world. Students learned a few simple ways how they could make a difference, such as minimizing water use (short showers, turn off the faucet when brushing teeth), reusing  resources (water bottles, lunch containers) and being energy efficient (turning off lights, closing blinds at night). Since people are dependent on the health of our planet, we want to treat it with care.

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Metis Culture

Corrine Talks About Metis Flag

Corinne Showing The Flag

Corinne Chow and Connie Kulhavy shared many artifacts and stories from their Métis culture. Métis meaning ‘mixed blood’ was one way to describe the two cultures coming together. Students found it interesting to learn that the Métis flag has an infinity sign. The sign is a symbol of the two cultures intertwined. Students experienced a fur trade dance from over 200 years ago called the Red River Jig. It was an engaging presentation. Hiy Hiy!

Connie Teaching A Jig

Connie Teaching Us The Jig

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In A Small, Small Pond

Using their ‘Reading Powers’ (A. Gear), students questioned, visualized, inferred and connected to different parts of In A Small, Small Pond  by Denise Fleming. As the frog is jumping through the pond, it notices different sights and sounds. Students used words and pictures to extend their knowledge of the story. Small Pond Book

Small Pond Powers

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