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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Fun Day

Mya  At Parachute

Mya At The Parachute

It was fun. After running races, students were divided into ten teams where they participated in a variety of events. When asked about their favourite part of the day, many students stated that they loved it all!

Rowan At Obstacle Course

Rowan At The Obstacle Course

Peyton & Lauren At The Playground

Peyton & Lauren At The Playground

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Beach Day

Rowan Holding A Crab

Rowan Holding A Crab



The sun was shining accompanied with a nice, cool breeze – perfect for the beach! Students had a great time exploring sea life on the beach and by the water. They found all sorts of creatures from sand dollars to moon snails to crabs. What a great day!

Avery Holding Clam Shell

Avery Holding A Clam Shell

Sam Poking A Jellyfish

Sam Poking A Jellyfish

Sam, Khael, Carson & Oliver Digging For Sand Dollars

Sam, Khael, Carson & Oliver Digging For Sand Dollars

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Shark Attack

Phew! These sharks are friendly.

Mya, Rocklan, Rowan & Oliver

Mya, Rocklan, Rowan & Oliver

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Summer Nests

summer26During the lunch hour, our big and little buddies have been building nests together. All the nests have been gently placed in one tree near the back of our school field. The children have started to decorate the nests and tree so that the birds will have a beautiful home.


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Ocean Of Joy

Students composed an ocean image inspired by author and illustrator Barbara Reid. Like the artist, students sketched their idea before creating it with plastercine. When building, they started with the background, adding details layer by layer. Students were mindful of the shapes needed to make their animal. Students felt joyful working on this project.

Step 1 ~ Sketch

Step 2 ~ Blue Backgroundsummer14summer15


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Amazing Author


Being inspired by ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, Lauren wrote and illustrated her own butterfly book. In Lauren’s book, the butterflies drink nectar from the flowers. Proudly, she read her book to our class, as well as to Mrs. Bouma and Mrs. Abbott’s class.


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