The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Crazy Hair Run


Each month our school participates in a run. Each run has a theme. This month was ‘Crazy Hair’.

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Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope For Heart was a huge success! Students appreciated the activities that got their heart rate going, and appreciated the ones that gave them a chance to rest. Certainly, fun was had by all. 

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Dufflebag Theatre

Live theatre is a unique experience, especially when you are involved in it. Dufflebag Theatre performed Robin Hood for our school with the help of many students. Some students were a main character while others a supporting role. We were lucky that our class was chosen as the target.

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Spring Fun Fair


Students helped decorate the Fun Fair by creating rainbows and clouds to brighten up the walls.

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Keeping Calm & Safe

We practice for certain emergencies at school – fire drill, earthquake drill and lock down drill. Students have practiced fire drills and earthquake drills already this year. We will practice our lock down drill tomorrow. In a fire drill, we want to be calm but quick. In an earthquake drill, we want to be calm but cautious. In a lock down drill, we want to be calm but aware. Today we went through the motions of the lock down drill, discussing what was happening. The same message was delivered for all drills – remain calm. We can make good choices when we remain calm and can think. If a dangerous animal (bear, cougar) or dangerous person was on the school grounds or in the community, we would remain calm and follow our plan to keep everyone safe. We practice our emergency plans so that everyone knows what to do and follows the directions calmly. During choices, Molly mapped out her plan if a bear was on our school field. She cleverly has us going upstairs to our big buddy class until the animal has safely left the school grounds. Once the bear leaves, we go outside to play.

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Pink Shirt Day


Students chose to wear pink to show their appreciation for their friends. It was a sea of pink around our school to celebrate our differences.

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