The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Pool & Park

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students enjoyed a day of play. It started at the Ladysmith Pool where they enjoyed many of the attractions such as the big slide, little slide, waterfall, lazy river and kids hot tub. It ended at Transfer Beach where they enjoyed lunch before playing on the amazing playground. The bus trip back to school was a quiet ride.

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Blind Scavenger Hunt

A blind scavenger hunt….there was a list of 10 items found in nature but students were not given the list. They collected a variety of natural materials found on our school field. Afterwards students excitedly anticipated whether they had collected an item from the list as the 10 items were revealed. This was a fun way to have students notice and name the beautiful things that surrounds us right on our own field.

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Sports Day

This morning students rotate around 12 different stations. They were: parachute, dizzy bat race, clothesline race, over/under race, skipping, bucket & sponge race, playground obstacle course, egg & spoon race, peg game, bouncy balls, beanbag race and 3 legged race. Fun was had by all.

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Tinker Tales Part 2

The Three Billy Goats Gruff is our second fairy tale in the Tinker Tales Sessions. Students tinkered with different tray of materials to create a way for the goats to cross the river. There was a wide variety of ideas from warp pipes to catapults to stepping stones to boats. Each students created their own unique invention.

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Butterflies Arrived

Our butterflies have arrived! We are harvesting ‘Painted Lady’ Butterflies. They are a colourful butterfly native to our area. They live for about 1 year from egg to death. The small caterpillars will soon be big, fat caterpillars – just like in Eric Carle’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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Butterflies And Caterpillars

During Choices, students are incorporating what they are learning into their play. We are learning about living things, highlighting butterflies and caterpillars. Recently, we read the classic story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

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