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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Anwyn, Aysha & Brooke

Anwyn, Aysha & Brooke


Students began their first day on the laptops. They carved virtual pumpkins. On the mouse pad, students used their finger as the tool to carve and light a pumpkin. Our big buddies were instrumental to the success we had in the computer lab. We thank them! Click the link to carve a pumpkin at home:

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Kindergarten iPads

Hunter & Rowan

Hunter & Rowan

This week we started to incorporate iPads into our play learning. iPads compliment the rich social play children are involved in at this age. They allow children to play with technology in an interactive way. Students use apps looking at and learning alphabet letters, alphabet sounds, numbers, quantities, patterns, colours and shapes. There are different apps highlighted throughout the year. In the future, students will be using apps looking at puppetry, making artwork and electronic books.

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Ashley’s Snowman

Using a computer program called Pixie, students are learning how to create images with their ‘tools’. The criteria for this project was to make a snowman with the drawing tools, add a background and write their name. There was a variety of ways students could complete the tasks and accomplish their goal. In addition to Pixie, students are learning how to log in, log out, open a program, close a program and control the mouse. For Kindergartens, it is exciting being in the computer lab and being able to use technology while feeling happy and successful.


Austin’s Snowman


Marco’s Snowman

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