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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class


Snow! It was a sea of snowsuits on our school field. The snow had arrived over night and students were excited to play in it.

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Ice Skating

Ice skating was a success! Some students were seasoned skaters while others were skating for their first time. It didn’t matter if you had little experience or lots of experience on the ice, as everyone at the rink had a positive attitude and will to try skating. Thanks to our parents for helping us out. Everyone working together gave the students a sense of community and belonging. This made for a successful trip.

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Season Sort

Students sorted pictures into Winter or Summer. They worked cooperatively with their big buddy to cut, glue and discuss each image.

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Surprising Snowflakes









Students completed part 1 of their snowflakes – assemble and attach sequins. We will finish part 2 later – glitter and string to hang. Students choose their popsicle stick colours and sequins. Although there was not any requirements to build patterns, but some students did created patterns while decorating. What a nice surprise! It is rewarding to be part of a student’s learning when they put into practice the knowledge and skills that we are learning in class.

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Happy Hanukkah

Dor from Mrs. Chomyn’s class and his sister Abigail from Ms. Fosters’ class shared with us their winter holiday traditions. Being Jewish, they have different holidays. Instead of Christmas, they celebrate Hanukkah. One of the symbols for Hanukkah is the menorah. For each day of Hanukkah, a special candle is lit on the menorah. Dor brought in their menorah and his Dad lit the candles. During Hanukkah, people gather with family and friends, play games and eat holiday food. One game they play is Dreidel. Although we did not play the game, students experienced spinning the top. Students also experienced a homemade holiday treat – donuts!



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Creating Shapes

After reading Just how long can a string be?!  by Keith Baker, students randomly picked a playing card to determine their group. After noticing and wondering about the string as a large group, each smaller group was given their own string and asked to make a triangle. What is a triangle? What do you notice about triangles? Students used different words such as points, sides, lines, wide, long to describe their triangle. After creating a triangle, students explored making other shapes such as a rectangle and diamond. Again, observing and sharing their ideas about shapes.

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