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Competitive Games & Cooperative Games

Competitive games and cooperative games – students were exposed to these two types of games today. This morning, our class cheered on the boys gr. 7 volleyball team in an exciting game tournament game. Students watched both teams as they competed to win. Bonner won 29-27. Being competitive means everyone (each team) is trying their best to succeed. There is a person or team who wins, while the other loses. Both teams, Bonner and Discovery, displayed remarkable sportsmanship during this intense finish. This was neat to watch. Usually when my class is competing in a game, they are not observing each others actions. They are busy trying their best.

Right after the game, we returned to our classroom to learn about working cooperatively. Being cooperative means to all work together towards a common goal. We compared the two. It is important to be able to compete and it is important to be cooperative. Both are good. We started to play one of the games from the company Peaceful Kingdom titled Sunny Day Pond. Everyone in the class played as a team to complete the puzzles before the rain drops fell on the pond. We practiced encouraging our friends, being positive, not feeling success and feeling success. As a class, we did not finish the puzzle in time the first time. We did not succeed. We practiced being gracious and humble. The second time we played we did succeed. We still practiced being gracious and humble. We will continue to learn and play cooperative board games, giving students an opportunity to work cooperatively towards a goal and supporting each other in times of success and in times of need. 

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