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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Reading With Friends

Students are engaging with books and reading with friends. After snack, students choose a book to enjoy. It is amazing to see and hear students sounding out words and using the pictures as clues to figure out what is happening in the story.

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Keeping Calm & Safe

We practice for certain emergencies at school – fire drill, earthquake drill and lock down drill. Students have practiced fire drills and earthquake drills already this year. We will practice our lock down drill tomorrow. In a fire drill, we want to be calm but quick. In an earthquake drill, we want to be calm but cautious. In a lock down drill, we want to be calm but aware. Today we went through the motions of the lock down drill, discussing what was happening. The same message was delivered for all drills – remain calm. We can make good choices when we remain calm and can think. If a dangerous animal (bear, cougar) or dangerous person was on the school grounds or in the community, we would remain calm and follow our plan to keep everyone safe. We practice our emergency plans so that everyone knows what to do and follows the directions calmly. During choices, Molly mapped out her plan if a bear was on our school field. She cleverly has us going upstairs to our big buddy class until the animal has safely left the school grounds. Once the bear leaves, we go outside to play.

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Competitive Games & Cooperative Games

Competitive games and cooperative games – students were exposed to these two types of games today. This morning, our class cheered on the boys gr. 7 volleyball team in an exciting game tournament game. Students watched both teams as they competed to win. Bonner won 29-27. Being competitive means everyone (each team) is trying their best to succeed. There is a person or team who wins, while the other loses. Both teams, Bonner and Discovery, displayed remarkable sportsmanship during this intense finish. This was neat to watch. Usually when my class is competing in a game, they are not observing each others actions. They are busy trying their best.

Right after the game, we returned to our classroom to learn about working cooperatively. Being cooperative means to all work together towards a common goal. We compared the two. It is important to be able to compete and it is important to be cooperative. Both are good. We started to play one of the games from the company Peaceful Kingdom titled Sunny Day Pond. Everyone in the class played as a team to complete the puzzles before the rain drops fell on the pond. We practiced encouraging our friends, being positive, not feeling success and feeling success. As a class, we did not finish the puzzle in time the first time. We did not succeed. We practiced being gracious and humble. The second time we played we did succeed. We still practiced being gracious and humble. We will continue to learn and play cooperative board games, giving students an opportunity to work cooperatively towards a goal and supporting each other in times of success and in times of need. 

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Little Sprouts

Students sampled these little sprouts brought in by Becky, our class education assistant. She grew these mung sprouts at her home. Many students enjoyed the flavour of the sprout, commenting that they tasted like a fresh pea or bean. They were delicious.

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Primary Aerobics & Dance

Throughout January and February, students participated in aerobics and dance each week led by Mrs. Griffiths. It is incredible to see the progress and skill development in each child’s ability to move their body to the beat of the music. This was our last week. It was also our class’ turn to lead one of the dances. Students had the choice whether they wanted to perform on stage or not. Every student choose to perform! I am very proud of my class for taking that risk. They rocked it!


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Where do you like to work? Students often find a quiet place to work. It can be alone or with others. It can be at a table or on the floor. We all work differently. After reading about families, students worked on their circles project. Each circle identifies people who are important to them. The first two circles represent self and family. Students will complete  six circles.

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