The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Cross Curricular Learning

With the help of their big buddies, student observed, measured and tested ideas involving their pumpkin. The activities combined many different curriculum areas. Students documented the size, shape and colour of their pumpkin. They named their pumpkin. They measured their pumpkin using non-standard measurement (cubes). They predicted and conducted their own science experiment – ‘Will a pumpkin sink or float?’ All pumpkins float – ask your child why this is. Hint: Think of a balloon. Students recorded their experiment results. Students were engaged and excited to learned about the characteristics of their pumpkin.

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Journal Writing

Students reflected upon their trip to Providence Farm. Before we began writing, we talked about it. Later, we looked at real photos taken yesterday. Students noticed colours and shapes in each image. After, students illustrated their favourite part of the trip while thinking about the details in the surroundings. They choose meaningful colours to represent what they saw. When writing, students are working on creating a picture that tells a story. So thinking about the background, the details included, the details left out, meaningful colours and the main image.

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Providence Farm

What a beautiful day! The weather, the students and the surroundings were amazing. At Providence Farm, we rotated between four spots – snack, hayride, garden tour, pumpkin picking and forest exploration. Each spot offered a different perspective of a working farm. We saw tractors, tools and many people working together. Students enjoyed being outdoors and in nature.

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Playground Adventure

Students had an adventure on the intermediate playground aka the ‘big kid’s playground.’ They took risks by moving their bodies in new ways and trying new pieces of equipment.

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Mathematical Materials

Is it possible to have fun with Math? It sure is! Students are manipulating our Math materials to see what each item can do and how the items relate to one another. We will be using these materials throughout the year to help demonstrate, understand and explain mathematical concepts.

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Reading & Books

Where do you like to read? After snack, students have an opportunity to read books. They are beginning to explore and use positive reading behaviours such as looking at the book, sharing a book with others, using picture clues to figure out what’s happening in the book, talking about what’s happening and ‘reading’ the pictures. Students are free to enjoy books in a variety of places around the classroom, as long as they are engaged in a book.

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