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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Winter Fun


What do families like to do in the winter? We have been exploring this question. There are many activities that happen only in the winter like building a snowman. In the coming weeks, students will be exploring their inquiry question that digs deeper into the seasons. There were many winter questions so we’ll start with those questions first.

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If you are having fun, is it work? Students enjoyed playing with numbers 1 to 6 during a dice game called ‘Roll-A-Snowman.’ Pairs of students cooperatively worked together to create a snowman based on the number that was rolled. There were lots of laughs and talk about numbers in our numeracy block today.

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Lacrosse Legend

Naomi Walser has been introducing lacrosse to our class. She is a lacrosse legend. Naomi is well-known within our school, as students remember her from previous years. You can feel the love and passion that Naomi has for this sport.

Naomi’s list of accomplishments are astounding. Her talents were described in the CRD Fall 2017 Recreation Guide as: “Naomi Walser – Anishinabekwe from Beausoleil First Nation G’Chimnissing, Georgian Bay in Ontario. Naomi grew up playing box lacrosse for the Midland Minor Lacrosse Association. As a teen, she began playing girls field lacrosse along with the box lacrosse season for Team Ontario, and represented Canada in the 1994 Commonwealth Games (Demonstration Sport). She also went on to play in four Field Lacrosse World Cup competitions – two for Team Canada and two for Haudenosaunee Womens’s National Team. Naomi has coached all disciplines of lacrosse: box, men’s field, women’s field and inter-crosse; and continues to share with anyone willing to learn. Naomi was the 2015 recipient of the Bobby Steen Legacy Foundation Award for her contribution to Women and Sport. She now lives in the Cowichan Valley and throughly enjoys her days as a cultural presenter sharing lacrosse in schools around the province.”

We are extremely fortunate to have this incredible athlete, coach and ambassador of lacrosse teach our children the sport. They have learned 4 key skills in lacrosse: scooping, cradling, passing and catching the ball. Each session students are practicing and fine tuning their abilities as they become more comfortable with the sport. What an amazing opportunity!



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Exploring, Creating, Building

It is through exploration and creating that children have a chance to gather information about their world around them. During Choices, students showed this many different ways.

With the lights turned low, some students explored light and colour. They built structures made of coloured glass and wood. Using a flashlight, they projected the colours onto their hands, clothing and ceiling. They layered colours to see what it would create.



While other students created an arctic world out of sand, rocks and wooden pieces. They built a home for polar bears and penguins.






And others explored and built with different materials such as chairs, clips, sheets and jackets. They created a tunnel fort that curves like a rollercoaster.









And others are built homes, creating elaborate stories including moms, babies, sisters and aunties. They repurposed the dish clothes into diapers; the bench into a change table; and chair into a crib.

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Pancakes & Pyjamas

Pancakes and Pyjamas – It was the best day ever! It’s nice to do something special on the last day of school before the new year. Eating and enjoying a meal together is important. There was lots of food to go around so everyone relaxed and visited with the friends at their table. While eating, one boy exclaimed, “Hey Mrs. Thomas, we are eating breakfast with other people’s families.” Another, “This is so much fun. I love pancakes.” I agree, it was so much fun.

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Movie & Movement


First the movie then the movement. Students in several classes enjoyed movies in their jammies today. This morning, our class joined Mrs. Chomyn and Ms. Foster in the library to watch Cars. Afterwards, many classes met in the gym to move our bodies for Christmas Aerobics. Who knew exercising to Christmas carols could be so much fun!

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