The Wiggly Tooth

Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

Making Words

Students have been working hard learning the alphabet letters and alphabet sounds. They are blending sounds together to form words. Students are exploring and taking risks my creating and reading their own words independently. Some they created were: net, apl (apple), rat, poo. So exciting!





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In the garden, students were filling up the bucket using rain water from the puddles. They were trying to see how high they could make the water rise. While doing this, they remarked that the raindrops made circles on the top of the water.

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Rainy Colours

Students explored how rain effects felt pen colours on paper. Students noticed that the paper becomes darker in the spots that are wet. They also observed how the colours blend into each other until the rain completely washes it away.

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Wet Chalk Drawing

What happens to sidewalk chalk in the rain? Students noticed that the colours blend together to create new colours. The pictures stay for a bit then fade away slowly.


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Garden Thaw


Before entering the garden, these students wondered if carrots could survive the snow. Now that the ground was thawed out, they dug into the earth to see if they found any. Indeed they did! They hypothesized that the snow acts like a blanket for the ground keeping the carrots safe. How interesting.

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Building Boats

With all the rain, we have wonderful mud puddles. So, we created sailboats to float in the puddles. Students selected a hull, the bottom of the boat, from a pile of plastic bottle caps. They also found a mast and sail with the natural materials around our school. They attached the two using plastercine. Students tried their design and make alterations so that it could stay above the water.

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