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Laugh and Learn with Mrs. Thomas and her Kindergarten Class

All Aboard


With the Polar Express Concert wrapping up this week, students are thinking about the story. They recreated their own version during their ‘Choices’ time.

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Circle Story


After learning about a circle story, this student created her own story (notice the arrows). Her story: There was once a girl and she was late because it was Christmas Eve. She went to bed. The she woke up and she saw some presents. She opened them and she liked them.Once again she was late and went to bed…

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Exploration Bins

Students had an opportunity to explore one of the bins. In each bin, there are loose pieces and parts. The items can be combined, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Next week, they will try a new bin.

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Santa Letter


Today we wrote a letter to Santa wishing him well on his upcoming trip or as one student put it ‘fly around the world.’ Students gave lots of ideas. Once the ideas were given, we sorted them into similar ideas – santa, elves, concert. Next, we started to make sentences out of the ideas. Lastly, we edited it. We reread the letter many times until it made sense. It was fun to hear all the things they would like to write to Santa.

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Pine Trees – More Results


More results…this student built a tree out of the natural materials. She explained each part of her tree. Afterwards, she asked to have a picture taken to show her work. She remembered that I has previously taken photos of the pine tree creations. It’s exciting when students are thinking of their learning.

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Alpine Trees

Students choose the size of paper before painting a background. For the background, they used one colour then added more water to lighten the value of the blue. Once dried, they drew black alpine trees. So beautiful!

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